Month: October 2019

WTW #2 – Jeremy Dawson

Jeremy Dawson is best known as the keyboardist of the American new wave/indie rock band Shiny Toy Guns and funeral-pop group MXMS. Jeremy is also an avid weather enthusiast and storm chaser with a history tracing back to his childhood. Jeremy approaches chasing with a mission to not only seek out supercells, tornadoes, hurricanes and other modes of severe weather, but to provide first responder assistance to potential storm victims if need be. Jeremy recently released a music video for the MXMS song “What’s My Name” which was released in observance of ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’ and deals with that sensitive subject matter. His music has appeared in movies ‘Wall Street 2’ and the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’.


Jon is a private meteorologist who has worked in operational forecasting, TV broadcasting, and weather forecasting research. Jon is slated as a presenter at the 22nd annual National Storm Chaser Convention where he plans on giving a very in depth and thought provoking presentation with lots of photos and videos never before seen.